-The Minitonas Town Hall holds a max capacity of 160 people
-It is the renter's responsibility to obtain a liquor permit

Class A - $300 with $500 damage deposit
-Wedding dances, and any other social event that includes a dance/bar
Class B - $125 with $500 damage deposit
-Banquet, Anniversaries, Fall Suppers, Funerals, Luncheons and Teas (no dance/bar)
Class C - $125 with $500 damage deposit
-Political Rallies, Public Meetings, Charitable Events, Church Services, and any event not covered in class 'A' or 'B'
Class D - Contract Rentals
-Negotiable with letter to council
Class E - Non-profit groups 
-Any non-profit group in the Municipality as approved by Council 
For any questions or more information please contact the Minitonas Municipal office at 204-525-4461.